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Jan Dobrý


My name is Jan Dobrý, I was born in Prague in 1961 and at the age of 20 I fled to Switzerland, where I currently live. During this time I have maintained my contacts with the Czech Republic intensively and see myself as a true dual citizen. After studying economics in Switzerland, I held very interesting management positions in various international SMEs. The global world economy strongly influenced me and formed my world view and my international social understanding.

I started photographing at the age of 20 and since then I have undergone a rich photographic development, in which I have intensively studied street photography, industrial architecture, Urbex and landscape photography. Most of the time I was concerned with the content, which I wanted to depict as realistically as possible, a kind of documentary photography.

Recently I have been playing more and more with the form and trying to enrich the content with my specific perception. In doing so I use the view of my left eye, with which I see 50%, distorted, smeared and warped. This way I see the world differently and have started to play with it. There are infinite possibilities of seeing and perceiving an object, a gaze, it is an infinite dialogue. The interaction of form and content has taken on a new dimension for me. And I deal with this in my photographs. With the dialogue of my eyes.

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