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Ode to Joan Mirò

Updated: Apr 15

I took part in a photographic project lasting a year and a half, in which 10 photographers, under the direction of Vladimir Kysela (, explored the world, the images and the history of Joan Miró. We tried to understand, feel, express and depict this world, the master, photographically. It was a very long and difficult path, full of ups and downs. In the end, my »Ode to Joan Mirò« emerged from this. Because I love the visual and tonal symbiosis, I accompanied my photos with a musical dialog between piano and violin. A composition by Jeff Myers, played by Hilary Hahn and Cory Smith. It corresponds perfectly to my dialog with Joan Mirò.

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Sonia Murray
Sonia Murray

What a fun and delightful work, done in your true fashion! Brilliant! Congratulations!

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